Store Locator

Hi Customers,

Welcome to our new Store Locator! (Launched December 2021)
We thoroughly encourage you to purchase through any of our expert stockists, especially if you wish to feel the product first hand or timing is of concern. Your warranty will be the same if you buy through any re-seller, but please remember to carefully file your receipt.

Some locations where you will find Flat Out gear are listed below, hopefully one is near you...

Why is this list incomplete?

We are constantly working on this list and would love to tell you more locations – if we knew where they were. Most of our product is sold thorugh distributors who then supply to specialty stores across the country. Information about stockists from our distributors varies in its detail. The stockists below are the ones we currently know about. If you have seen Flat Out products at a physical store that is not showing, we are very grateful if you let us know (suburb, state and store name is all we need). That way we can keep updating this locator and help the next people who are looking for a store.

Please also note that while BCF stocks our Compact Multi-Reel, we have not inlcuded their locations on this page. They have over 130 stores Australia wide, so please check the BCF website for the store closest to you. 

Please Ring Ahead
Not all stockists carry our entire range, so please contact them before visiting to ensure they have in stock the items you are after.