The Flat Out Drink Water Hose

Especially designed for caravans, campers, motorhomes and yachts—this is no boring old hose!

Our Lay Flat hoses have abrasion resistant woven jacket, potable PVC (meets requirements of AS4020 - the best rating possible) lining and brass snap-on fittings providing you with the premium connection to your drinking water supply. With a 19mm diameter, your hose is high capacity and boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating (over 3x mains pressure). Brass fittings complement the durable construction of the hose, ensuring a long product life.

Stored neatly on our Multi-Reel they are an excellent user friendly choice, especially when space is limited. Connect your hose at one end, hold the Multi-Reel handle and walk away to unspool. Setup has never been this easy. As you re-wind, water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage.

In this video, product designer Peter Van Mill presents our Drink Water Hose. Sadly Peter passed away but we keep this demo as we loved him dearly (and his demonstrations are still the best).

Disclaimer: Some dimensions referenced are no longer accurate as the product has developed over the years. Please check the specifications on the actual product pages.

  • Rolls up completely flat
  • Food grade liner
  • High quality snap-on brass fittings
  • 19 mm internal diameter provides high flow
  • No need to dry
  • Dual size tap adaptor included
  • Australian made with 3 year warranty
Drink Water Hose: 10m on Compact Multi-Reel

If you’re searching for the highest quality yet most compact drink water solution, this is what you need. Ten metres is usually sufficient at caravan parks unless you tow a colossal caravan or drive a monster motor home. 

For dimensions, visit Multi-Reel page.

Item includes
Drink Water Hose: 15m on Multi-Reel

This product is where it all began, Peter’s frustration with ordinary hoses connecting to his (monster) motorhome drove him to invent something better. To achieve a long hose in a small space the combination of Lay Flat hoses and Multi-Reels was developed. 

For dimensions, visit Multi-Reel page.

    Item includes
    Drink Water Hose: 5m Extension on Compact Multi-Reel
    SKU: C5

    Customers gave feedback having searched high and low for a short length for when the tap is just that little bit too far away. Hence our introduction of the C5. Stacking neatly into the rest of your compact Mutli-Reel kit this premium hose extension gives that extra bit of positioning flexibility.

    For dimensions, visit Multi-Reel page.

    Item includes
    Drink Water Hose: 10m Replacement
    SKU: P1

    Store on your Flat Out Compact Multi-Reel. Storing without reel will void warranty.

    Drink Water Hose: 15m Replacement
    SKU: P3

    Store on your Flat Out Compact Multi-Reel. Storing without reel will void warranty.


    Setting up your Flat Out Drink Water hose

    Connection to your caravan, camper or motorhome

    Our hoses work best with a downward connection, otherwise you may experience flow restriction. If you have a horizontal or upward BSP inlet, we advise additional purchase of an elbow adaptor.

    horizontal connections

    Excess length of hose between tap and van

    • Attach the hose to the tap, and a hose nozzle in off position to the other end (once unspooled)
    • Turn on tap to allow water to enter the hose. Stop the flow at about ½ pressure so the hose remains flexible
    • Grab the free end and make a coil directly below your van connection (diameter about 70cm)
    • Back at the tap turn the pressure off
    • Remove the nozzle and attach to your van. If you keep the hose upright you shouldn’t end up with much water on the ground

    Some customers have alternatively purchased shorter lengths of our hose and just used the length required. For instance if you purchase a c5 and a c2 you have 5 m, 10 m or 15m options to play with.

    Winding and Unwinding

    For instructions see Multi-Reels page

    Filling non pressurised water tanks using a short filler hose

    • Cut off approximately 30 cm of ordinary garden hose and fit a standard snap fitting
    • Use a coupler to join the Flat Out hose and the ordinary hose
    • Insert ordinary hose in the tank opening; you are now ready to turn on the water supply tap and quickly fill up your water tank with ease