The Weight Weenie

This is the smallest connections kit available in Australia. It contains 3 of our Compact Multi-Reels, one has 10m drink water hose, one has 6m sullage hose and the other will hold our 22m extension lead. The total stack is only 30x36x21cm.  

If space is a premium such as for those people with small caravans or camper trailers that still use power and plumbing. Having a sullage hose for an outdoor sink is still really useful to run the water away from your trailer, rather than constantly emptying buckets. 

The weight weenie is a great option is you are starting out as you can always add more products in to your collection down the track if you want longer lengths of anything. This is the most popular bundle of ours when we promote at caravan shows. 

This video was made in 2020 when the pandemic first started to help lighten the mood. We're having a revisit of it here for your smiles. It will inform you the components of the Join Repair Kit R7 but not much else!