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Marketing and Admin Assistant Needed

Casual/part-time with Flexible hours - perfectly suited to a parent of primary school aged kid(s) looking for mental stimulation that stretches beyond smearing peanut butter on yet another school lunch!
This position could also work exceptionally well for a Uni Student...

The business is Flat Out International, a Port Macquarie family business with products popular in the caravan industry. We are in a growth phase branching into the trades and home market. At first this job is an assistant role to help free up my time, but as your knowledge of the business increases, so will your opportunities to take on projects and define your value.


Marketing/Admin Job Role - March 2022

The following information is for anyone interested in the position within Flat Out International advertised on Facebook in March 2022.  It should give you an idea of the kind of person I am looking for and some detail on the kinds of activities the role would involve.


Abilities and Personal Attributes

My ideal candidate is an outgoing people person (I want to work with someone who is fun!), with strong ethics and derives joy from achievement.

You love social media and how it can be used positively to connect with people.

You possess a healthy balance between creativity and practicality. You have an eye for design and enjoy being creative, but are also task oriented and can use those skills to get things done, then can assess the statistics to make improvements.

You have a proven ability to use/learn new software – that’s essential. For example: Canva or other graphics tools, take/optimise photos, basic video edits for socials, can learn to edit content on website.

Normal business skills such as ability to spell, proof read, write professionally, make phone calls and so on are needed. You like variety, as there are lots of different things to do, so it won’t get boring!

Having an understanding consumer behaviour and how to tap into a target market and harness their psyche is ideal but can also be learned. I am not setting any pre-requisites on experience, I’m curious to learn from you why you think you fit this role.



The kinds of tasks I am looking for help with (not all immediate) are:

  • Marketing
    • Generate and post social media content based on ideas we brainstorm together
      • Taking photos
      • Filming (I can do the talking) & basic editing
      • Graphics generation (eg use Canva)
    • Add content to website
    • Respond to SM comments
    • Interact with other SM contributors – for instance finding influencers we can sponsor to review our gear
    • Analyse and adjust social media advertising
    • Assist with google adwords management
    • Set up follow up emails post- sale
    • Develop an e-newsletter
  • Wholesale customer support
    • Organize the media library for re-sellers
    • Coordinate sharing of this information to existing customers
    • Develop an info for re-sellers package
    • Call caravan stores to check if stockists – add to website or offer to send reseller package
    • Process wholesale orders
  • Products
    • Assist ordering accessories
    • General management of stock at office
      • tidy and organize,
      • help assemble occasionally,
      • stickering
    • Admin
      • Coordinate suppliers – eg getting product photography done
      • General run- around –post office, negotiate poster display at local businesses
      • Checking emails, phone messages, answering customer queries


Practical Details

I work from home, near Nobbys Beach (Port Mac) and need face-to-face at least to start with. No school holiday work will be required but if you do want work through those times, it can be arranged once you can work without needing regular direction from me.

Hours are negotiable, but in my mind, we start with 5-10 hours a week. We have excellent potential to increase if that’s what you want. It depends on your learning curve, initiative and how effective the work you do is. (The more effective your work, the more the business grows. As the business grows, so do the number of things I can get you to help with, and of course the funds available to pay you from will grow too!)




Honesty and integrity are key values of mine and I am looking for someone like-minded to come join the team. The business is growing and I am loving the adventure, do you want to come for the ride?

If you are interested, send a contact email via our contact page (I can't publish email address here) and we will reply allowing you to attach your resume.



Kind Regards,


Zoe Van Mill  | Owner