B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings SKU: P16

B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings
This is the B.E.S.T. Water Filters brand model 322HB that we buy in for your convenience. Connect it to your flat out hose and then use a short hose (eg P11 or P13) to connect it to your van.  We love it, not only because it's Aussie Made but because it is simply better than alternatives. 
Containing SilverSafe technology it removes taste, odours, bacteria and parasites. It has no set replacement times, and if the water slows too much, simply reverse it and flush it out, it will start working the other way.  it's compact and produces great tasting water for longer than many other models. For more information feel free to visit the BEST Water Filters website.
  • $135.00