Compact Camper Essentials SKU: K1

Eliminate caravan hose mess this compact and user friendly alternative. 

This kit contains:

  • 10m drink water hose on Compact Multi-reel C2
  • 6m sullage hose 25mm diameter on Compact Multi-reel C3
  • Compact Multi-Reel (for the extension lead) C1
  • Flat Out fluro velcro stacking strap R8
  • "Flat Out Like You Should Be" stubby holder T10

This is an excellent starter pack as you can always stack in extra lengths down the track. All you need to add is your extension lead. Heavy duty leads up to 15m long fit comfortably on the Compact Multi Reel, your you can add in our 22m lead (R22) it is a 15 amp lead but has a thinner insulation so will still fit in our Compact Multi-Reel unit. 

  • $370.00

Space Saving Hoses in your Caravan

When space is at a premium , having a small versions of your connections gear is critical. This set allows you room to stack in more of the fun things you wish to take on your holiday and not waste boot room with bulky hoses. 

Your new connecitons kit will take up as much as one standard (ribbed style) sullage hose will on its own, yet you have now fitted in your extension lead, your drink water hose and the Multi-Reels that ensure tangle free use.

RV Gear that saves you time

Space however, is not the only thing you will save. You will also save time, and frustration. The Multi-Reel makes the job you have to do, become the one you want to do. Whether it is your hose or extension lead, just anchor it at one end and walk away holding the large handle of the Multi-Reel, the product will unspool straight out, then disconnect and connect it to your caravan. The process is the same in reverse when packing up, detach your hose  at both ends, straighten out and simply walk towards the van as you wind it in. Scroll through the media to see a 7year old demonstrating the drink water hose, you will learn just how easy it is!

If you have any questions, please call or email us, we love to help you get exactly what you need.