Compact Multi-Reel for Extension Leads SKU: C1

Ready for your power extension lead or a myriad of other uses. Stacks with itself and other Compact Multi-Reel products: C2 (drink water) and C3 (sullage).

  • 30 cm diameter
  • 37 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep
  • 0.6 kg when empty
  • approx. 15 m power cord capacity see capacity guide

Capacity depends on insulation thickness. Maximum length of 15Amp is 22m - see product R22 below. 

Are you near a BCF?
We have exciting news to share...BCF has now started stocking our Compact Multi-Reel!
If you are interested in getting one and have access to BCF near you, we encourage you to pick it up from them. It will be faster for you, and you can take your extension lead along and test to see how it fits. Also, by letting the large brand know how much you love our gear, you will support our business, as they help us expand our reach. (Feel free to ask them to start stocking our other products too *wink-nudge*.) 

  • $55.00

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