Drink Water Hose: 15m on Multi-Reel SKU: M2

Our latest 15m Drink Water hose is now our new Multi-Reel Narrow consuming almost 20% less storage space! This unit will still stack with any other product with SKU starting with M, yet it is not as deep so there is zero wasted space and it's even easier to wind. 

  • Includes: 15m Drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size tap adaptor, Multi-Reel Narrow
  • Weight: 2.6Kg including reel.
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter reel, 6.5cm deep.

Please note, stock has been limited this winter, last week we received a new batch but half of it is being sent to back-orders. Our advice is to get in quickly as our next batch is not due until August. 

  • $375.00

Roll Up Caravan Water Hoses 

This product is the original Flat Out invention. Product designer Peter’s frustration with ordinary hoses connecting to his motorhome drove him to develop this hose system. In essence, Flat Out's caravan and RV drink water hoses are a miniaturised fire hose with a certified taste free liner.

The Jacket

Their polyester woven jacket is highly abrasion resistant when testing our latest variant we spent a good 20 minutes scratching it against concrete and could not generate a burr. 

The jacket is also responsible for the pressure rating. It boasts a 1400 kPa working pressure, this is over 3x mains pressure and the burst pressure is 5000 kPa. 

Being polyester there is no need to dry it before you pack up, it is antimicrobial and won't grow mould. 

The 19mm diameter means the flow is excellent, and also that the hose won't kink when you are using it for washdown as the volume of water in the hose holds it stiff. 

The Liner

The team who make our hoses manufacutre fire hoses but also hoses for mining and councils and all sorts other industrial applications. Our specialty hose has the fire hose weave for strength, but the council hose liner - it's potable water safe and has the AS4020 certification. This certification means the hose is taste and taint free - it is the best rating possible and this is the only flat caravan hose in the australian market with this certification. Most caravan hoses are only actually AS2070 which means they are made from what is called a 'food grade' plastic, but not further testing is done. 

Brass Fittings

The end fittings are standard sized 12mm and will connect to snap fitting attachments from other brands. Brass complements add to the durable construction of the hose, ensuring a long product life.

The Multi-Reel

Stored neatly on our Multi-Reel these hoses are an excellent user friendly choice, especially when space is limited. Connect your hose at one end, hold the Multi-Reel handle and walk away to unspool. Setup has never been this easy. As you re-wind, water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage.

Need a different length?

Visit the caravan drink water hoses page to see other options. 

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