Premuim Caravan Starter Pack SKU: K2

Everything you need to get started on your caravan style! This package also contains items needed if you wish to filter your water and a handy tank filler spout. 

In a beautiful quality, space and time saving kit, this package includes: 

  • everything in Compact Camper Essentials PLUS:
  • 22m extension lead (that fits on Compact Multi-reel) R22
  • B.E.S.T inline water filter P16
  • 1.5m filter to van connection hose P13
  • tank filling Spout P17
  • hose joiner (for Tank Spout) P7

  • $657.00

If you have a small caravan or camper trailer, this is the best way to have the longest lengths of connection gear in the smallest space. Your new connecitons kit will take up as much as one standard (ribbed style) sullage hose will on its own, yet you have now fitted in your extension lead, your drink water hose and the Multi-Reels that ensure tangle free use.

Space however, is not the only thing you will save. You will also save time, and frustration. The Multi-Reel makes the job you have to do, become the one you want to do. Whether it is your hose or extension lead, just anchor it at one end and walk away holding the large handle of the Multi-Reel, the product will unspool straight out, then disconnect and connect it to your caravan. The process is the same in reverse when packing up, detach your hose  at both ends, straighten out and simply walk towards the van as you wind it in. Scroll through the media to see a 7year old demonstrating the drink water hose, you will learn just how easy it is!

If you have any questions, please call or email us, we love to help you get exactly what you need.