A Little Bit Longer... SKU: K4

This starter pack takes up a little more room than the Compact Camper Essentials (K1) but with that you get extra hose and lead lengths, which never goes astray!


  • 15m drink water hose on Multi-Reel M2
  • 9m sullage hose 32mm diameter on Multi-Reel M4
  • Multi-Reel (for your own extension lead 20-30m) M1
  • Flat Out fluro velcro stacking strap R8
  • "Flat Out Like You Should Be" stubby holder T10

This is a great place to start if you are just getting yourself going as you can always stack in more down the track should you desire. 

  • $487.00

Why get longer hoses?

If you are fussier about how you situate your van at some sites, or are doing a lot of inland travel where the campsites are inevitably bigger and you can't guarantee how close the services will be, and having too much is never as regrettable as not having enough.

Caravan Extension Leads in Multi-Reels

Any commercially available extension lead will fit in an M1, so you could carry 30m if you wished. We offer a 22m caravan extension lead that is light weight and works beautifully with this pack. You can add that item separately if you need a lead too.